Management of research facility

  • Laboratories for genetic recombination experiment and animal breeding rooms are available for rent.
  • Experimental equipment specialized for bioscience are available for rent in the common lab space (100 yen per hour).
  • Counsel for experimental safety is provided by the advisory committee of TBF.

Supporting start-ups

  • Advice on starting biotech business, obtaining business funds, rental rooms for experimental and office, and developing sales channels is available.
Tenants in TBF (as of Apr, 2021):
  • Trans Chromosomics Inc.
  • GPC Laboratories, Inc.
  • Evolve Biotherapeutics, Inc.
  • Tottori Bioscience Organization
  • Tottori Univ. Chromosome Engineering Research Center

Coaching and training

  • Seminars on bioengineering and business operations for entrepreneurs, researchers and engineers can be attended. Click here for details (in Japanese).
  • Seminars are provided aiming to generate the technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region.